Home Remedy For Beautiful Hands, Feets & Legs

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Use this home remedy made with natural ingredients to get shiny and beautiful skin. You can apply it on your Face,legs,feets, hands and neck and it starts showing result with in just 2 weeks.

Lotion Ingredients:
Rose water (both in equal quantity)
Cream Ingredients:
1 Egg’s White
2 tbsp Glycerin
2 tbsp Honey
2 tbsp Almond powder (you can use more to make a thick cream)
How To Make Lotion:
Mix all ingredients and store it in a bottle and use it overnight after using the cream.
How to make cream:
Mix all the ingredients except almond powder, after mixing all the ingredients add almond powder (you can add more powder to make it thick as cream).
Apply cream on the desired body part for 5 to 10 mins also massage gently then leave it for 10 mins then apply lotion (which was made with Glycerin and rose water) overnight.

Home Remedy For Beautiful Hands, Foots & Legs In Urdu

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