If You are Suffering From Back Pain Then This Quranic Verse Is For You

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A joint study by the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, the University of Minnesota in the United States, and Penn State University compared Islam, Christianity, and Judaism in the practice of prayer and the benefits of physical health. Research has shown that if the five daily prayers are made a habit and performed correctly, it can help relieve back pain. According to research, changes in the angles of the back during the performance of various items of prayer significantly reduce back pain. Researchers say that body movement during prayers is similar to yoga or physical therapy, which is used to treat back pain. He added that various medical reports indicate that there is a link between prayer and maintaining a physically healthy lifestyle.

Prayer eliminates physical stress and anxiety. During the research, various experiments showed that the angle of the waist during bowing and prostration during prayers is such that it helps in reducing back pain. However, the researchers said that the reduction in back pain is possible only if it is paid correctly. On the contrary, not performing the prayers properly can, in fact, increase the pain.

If this prayer is recited continuously, your lower body will never hear.

حَمْداً كَثِيراً طَيِّباً مُبَارَكاً فِيهِ”.

Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Back pain, which is common in youth and old age, is affecting everyone. However, sometimes surgery is considered to be the solution, but before resorting to such severe treatment, some home remedies must be included in life. There are many causes for back pain, including an injury, a degenerative disc, arthritis, a slippery disc, or any bone problem. Sometimes this pain can be caused by sleeping incorrectly, sitting for a long time, or carrying a bag on your shoulders. This pain can only be cured by changing your style.

However, if back pain is caused by illness, then treatment is not so easy. Therefore, natural ways to improve pain and lifestyle must be tried. Remember that if your back pain is caused by an illness, it can be treated for a long time. If you are beginning to feel the benefits of treatment, it should not be abandoned immediately, but perseverance makes the treatment more lasting. Our body is something we think of, not just for a limited time, but for a lifetime, so it is essential to make exercise and a good diet part of our routine for a better lifestyle

Ways to improve back pain

It is very important to consult your doctor about your back pain first so that the real cause of back pain can be found out. Lumbar and spinal problems must be taken seriously, as only a doctor can identify a solid cause. Therefore, it is important to consult a health professional before adopting the following methods. Once properly diagnosed, your doctor can tell you many natural ways to reduce pain. Often a physiotherapist can suggest very useful exercise methods, which one can easily do at home. Physiotherapy is extremely effective in improving early pain. In addition, engaging in activities that increase agility and fitness can be another great savior, but it is very important to choose an exercise that does not put too much pressure on the back so that the injury does not become more serious. Therefore, it is important to consult a physiotherapist.

An ice pack or something hot can also be helpful in relieving pain before and after exercise. Often, hitting a hot object before exercise warms the muscles and makes them more flexible, and an ice pack after exercising helps to reduce the inflammation that follows. In addition, stretching should be an integral part of our lives. Regardless of whether you are exercising or not, it can significantly reduce back pain and make it stronger.

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