Ways to lose weight in Ramadan- Dietitian Advice

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This is the blessed month of Ramadan, in which Muslims fast. In principle, everyone should lose weight in this month, but after fasting all day, everyone eats so much unhealthy food at Sehri and Iftar that he gains weight instead of losing it, but follow some guidelines. By doing this, you can also lose weight in Ramadan.

Easy Ways to Lose Weight in Ramadan

Finally, the month of Ramadan has come to us. It is generally believed that fasting in Ramadan will lead to weight loss, because people eat only twice a day in Ramadan, as opposed to eating three meals a day. And they eat only in Iftaar, but even if they don’t want to, they eat so much in both these times, that instead of losing weight, they gain it.

The other important thing is that in this month, pakodas, samosas, chana chat and yoghurt bhala etc. become a daily routine, which is sure to increase weight. If you are also obese and want to get rid of it, then we are offering you such great ways to lose weight in Ramadan, which can also help you lose weight in the month of Ramadan.

So let’s look at those methods.

Avoid spicy and oily foods.

Try to have a nutritious and balanced diet in the Sehri. Avoid foods that are high in spices and oils, but rely on lean meats and vegetables and fruits.

The easiest way to lose fat, with just 2 tablespoons a day, you can lose many calories in a few days.

Don’t Miss the Sehri

Don’t give up sehri at all, because eating food on time keeps human health healthy and gives strength to human beings. If you skip breakfast, it will reduce the rate of metabolism. Due to which the body fat loss system also slows down. If you want to lose weight, keep your breakfast simple. We often overeat in the Sehri for fear that we will not feel hungry during the day. However, even in the Sehri, we should have a normal diet.

  • If you want to lose weight, take this food in the Sehri.
  • Eat plain straw bread instead of white flour.
  • Use yogurt.
  • Take skim milk.
  • Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.
  • Drink plenty of water.


After being hungry all day, when the whole table is set in front of us, we break on it as soon as the fast begins. Then we don’t see what they are eating and what they are not. If you want to lose weight, there are some things to keep in mind during Iftar.

  • Break the fast with a palm.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Get up for prayers and eat shortly after Maghrib prayers.
  • Eat roasted chicken breasts or steamed vegetables.
  • Avoid fritters, samosas, licks.
  • Take a walk after breaking the fast.

Avoid sweets:

The heart longs for more cold drinks and sweets after Iftar in summer fasts. Use fruits, dried fruit and honey instead. Avoid cola drinks altogether.

Drink More Water:

Drink more water between Iftar and Sehri. Drink two glasses of water during Iftar, 6 to 8 glasses between Iftar and Sehri and 2 glasses of Sehri. Avoid tea and coffee. Replace them with herbal tea or green tea. It will help in digestion as well as makeup for the lack of water.


It is a little difficult to exercise during the days of Ramadan, but it becomes a habit in 3 to 4 days. Take a 300-minute walk or jog before Iftar. After breaking the fast, that is, after drinking dates and water, go to the gym or exercise at home. This way you can lose up to 1 kg in 3 days. In this way, you will lose 10 kilos of weight throughout Ramadan.

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