First Ever Flight of Etihad Airways UAE Landed to Israel

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For the first time in the United Arab Emirates, and announced Etihad Airways flight from Abu Dhabi arrived in Israel on Tuesday, May 19. The special flight delivered medical supplies to Palestinians fighting the Coronavirus epidemic in Tel Aviv. All flights are bound to bring luggage to the Palestinian airport. The biggest revelation here is that passenger flights from the UAE are also coming to Israel soon. According to reports from Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, May 20, only Jordan and Egypt are the only two Arab countries that have formally recognized Israel and established formal relations with it. Unlike these two states, neither of the Gulf Arab states has formal diplomatic relations with Israel, nor have they officially recognized the state of Israel.

An Etihad Airways plane arrived in Israel for the first time yesterday (Tel Aviv) from Abu Dhabi to deliver medical supplies to the Palestinians to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. It was a special flight of prospects in a climate of fear, however. Earlier, the US President flew directly to Israel from Saudi Arabia.

It should be noted that among the Arab countries, only Jordan and Egypt have formally recognized Israel and have established formal relations with it. None of the other Gulf Arab states have formal diplomatic relations with Israel, nor have they formally recognized Israel. Iran’s open opposition in the Arab region also seems to be widening the scope of Arab-Israeli relations, Because of Iran, the political preferences between its rival Gulf States and Israel appear to be somewhat similar. That is why informal contacts between Israel and the Arabs have been warm for some time.

However, due to Iran’s influence in the region, informal contacts have been warming up in recent times due to similar political preferences between Israel and Iran’s regional rival Gulf States, which openly oppose Tehran.

Medical aid for the Palestinian territories

A spokesman for Etihad Airways said: “Etihad Airways sent a flight from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv on Tuesday, May 19, with no passengers on board. The crew carried out only humanitarian aid, which was decided to be provided to the Palestinians so that they could better cope with the Coronavirus epidemic.

Countries that have not yet recognized Israel

  1. Afghanistan

According to the UAE’s state-run news agency WAM, the flight sent 14 tons of medical supplies from Abu Dhabi to Tel Aviv. The supplies included protective masks and other medical supplies, which were sent to civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The equipment also included 10 ventilators, which are in short supply in the Palestinian territories.

Countries that do not allow flights to Israel


It is reported that the medical aid was sent through Israel because Israel controls access to the Palestinian territories.

Etihad Airways confirmed the first-of-its-kind flight, saying the delivery was part of a “broader humanitarian operation” for the Palestinians.

The conciliatory thinking of the Gulf Arab states

Most Arab countries demand that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians be resolved before they can establish normal relations with Israel.

On the other hand, the Arab League, a regional organization representing Arab countries, has repeatedly condemned Israel’s construction of ghettos in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in the West Bank, as well as Israeli policies regarding the Gaza Strip.

On the other hand, there are more and more signs in the Gulf Arab states that they are now adopting a conciliatory attitude towards Israel. One proof of this was the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Oman in 2018. In addition, Israeli players and officials are now allowed to visit the Gulf Arab states more than in the past.

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