Pakistani Drama Actress Modeling From Home

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Famous actress Aiman Khan left the showbiz industry for a while after her marriage, and after the birth of her daughter, Aiman Khan has become just as beautiful again. As you will see in this video, Aiman Khan is modeling in a very strong and very beautiful look for her friend Iram, and on the other hand, she is also seen promoting her brand. Aiman Khan is looking different in a very beautiful way, wearing her own brand dress. Aiman Khan is looking smarter and more beautiful than ever.

Actress Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s wedding photos and videos have caused a stir on social media. While most people were praising this beautiful couple, the eagle eyes of some people noticed something in these pictures that Muneeb Butt’s class started. According to the website ‘Read,’ Muneeb Butt also wore a lot of make-up at his party, which came to the notice of the people, and they started making fun of him.

One user commented on the photo, saying, “Do I look the same, or did Muneeb really put on more make-up than Aiman?” Another wrote, “Congratulations! But Muneeb’s brother would have liked to do a little less make-up. “Another boy said,” Muneeb has done more make-up than Aiman. ” “They are fine, but where is Muneeb’s family?”

Actor Muneeb Butt and his wife Aiman Khan were blessed by Allah.

Actor Muneeb Butt and his wife Aiman Khan have given birth to a daughter named Amal. Muneeb Butt announced the birth of his daughter in an Instagram post. “I have no words to express my feelings, thank God, God has given me the most precious gift, God bless, my daughter Amal Muneeb, now in my arms,” ​​he wrote. Aiman Khan’s sister Manal Khan also expressed her happiness in an Instagram story. He wrote Amal Muneeb’s date of birth on August 30. Muneeb and Aiman are happy to announce the news of their daughter’s birth. Other artists like Aiza Khan, Areeba Hub, and Ejaz Aslam congratulated the couple and expressed happiness. It may be recalled that Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt were married in November two years ago, and the celebrations continued for a month and were widely discussed on social media. Later, in an interview in April this year, Aiman Khan revealed that he and Muneeb had no intention of having such a long wedding, it all happened suddenly. The actress said that after the engagement, 10 wedding ceremonies were held, this was the first wedding of their house, while it was the last wedding of Muneeb’s house and that is why they both wanted to make it very special. “We didn’t have to have a big engagement party, but Muneeb and all my friends are actors, so they all got engaged, and the event itself got bigger,” Aiman said. “We didn’t pay attention to people’s criticism, it’s people’s job to speak, only once during my honeymoon did I start reading comments on social media and then I wondered why people did that,” he added. Think, but then I thought, why am I hurting myself.

Due to having more followers on Instagram, actress Aiman Khan left everyone behind, including Mahira Khan.

Popular Pakistani showbiz industry actress Aiman Khan has surpassed all the personalities of the showbiz industry, including superstar Mahira Khan, based on the growing number of followers on her Instagram account.

The number of current followers of actress Aiman Khan on her Instagram account has reached 5 million 90 thousand, and thus the number of fans following Aiman Khan has increased more than all Pakistani celebrities.

After actress Aiman Khan, actress Mahira Khan has the highest number of followers on Instagram, which is 5 million 80 thousand while the third number is the followers of actress Aiza Khan, whose number is 5 million 40 thousand. On the other hand, Aiman Khan’s twin sister actress Manal Khan has 4,090,000 followers on Instagram. It should be noted that last year, actress Mahira Khan was the first person in the Pakistani entertainment industry, who had 5 million followers on Instagram.

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