Indian Media is Giving False Hope through Manipulated News

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There is so much fear of the Afghan Taliban in India at the moment, that there is no end to it. Two days ago there was a fake post, which was being run by India, and by Ghani, who first told you that there is no such thing. This is false news, and it is being propagated by an Indian. We will tell you in detail why this is being done. An Indian channel ran a false news that the Afghan Taliban was going to attack India after Eid. The situation against India became so bad that India’s plans began to appear on social media. Now Sohail Shaheen has come and told and denied it. He has come and said that our post against India has nothing to do with us. Nor do we interfere in anyone’s international affairs. That’s all he tweeted, and then the situation arose, that all over India, he started propagating in his media channels, that the Afghan Taliban have said that we don’t want Kashmir. We will not fight any war with India nor will we support Pakistan to get Kashmir.

Of course, the Afghan Taliban did not make such a statement. This is just the propaganda of the Indian media, and at the same time he got the statement from Ashraf Ghani, which was actually the statement of Sher Abbas, that India has been with the traitors for 40 years, with the terrorists. Is promoting terrorism. Inside Afghanistan, therefore, we have no goodwill with India. On this, he has got a statement from the Ghani government that India has always spoken for the good of Afghanistan. Now what is actually the situation. At the moment, Ghani has sent a message to the government to stop the Afghan Taliban in any case. Don’t let him invade India. In fact, India has this fear from day one. The Afghan Taliban have made an agreement with the United States, they have said the same thing from day one, that everyone will leave Afghanistan, India will also leave, America will also leave, a rich government will also leave. This country is ours, and we will stay here. We will not go anywhere outside our country and will not fight anywhere. This is a very strong and valid statement. What is the reason, once the Afghan Taliban come to power, where they will establish an Islamic system. The war that is currently raging in the world is that of a new system.

If you set up a new system here, you tell the world that at 2.5 percent zakat, the whole country can run here, and no taxes are needed. We give punishments according to Islamic law. Doing everything, the zero crime rate goes up here. If it came inside the whole world, then the system of Islam will go from here. And actually India doesn’t want that. There are 57 countries in the world where not a single Islamic system has been established. Now the biggest threat to India is that if the Afghan Taliban come to power, there will be peace. India-Pakistan war may start. Then Mujahideen from all over the country will come to fight.

So far, the Afghans have been telling the Taliban that we need to clear our country. If it is cleared from here, then it is beneficial for Pakistan. It is now fully understood for India that they did not run the news in their media that the Afghan Taliban have been giving statements for forty years, that India is supporting them, and is fueling terrorism here. . He did not run any news on it. On top of a tweet, he made a fake news, saying that we should not talk about anything inside Kashmir. Even when Article 370 came into force inside Kashmir, the Afghan Taliban had given a full statement, on which they said, that oppression inside Kashmir should be stopped. Kashmiris who want to decide the UN resolution should do so. It was such a clever ploy that India was planning to somehow get the Afghan Taliban to make a statement against us. So that we can exploit them in front of the whole world, that they have done this to us, they are coming to attack India.

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