Isra Baljik had recently given a shut-up call to Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra on Instagram.

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Ertugrul drama has been going on in Pakistan ever since. Revolution has come in Pakistan. The play has received as many acclaimed ratings in Pakistan as in its home country of Turkey. In a short time, millions of fans have followed this play. The drama is also aired on PTV Home. In addition, a channel related to this drama has been created on YouTube. Two weeks have passed, this channel has been created, believe me, this channel has about two million subscribers.

In addition, you can gauge the popularity of this play within Pakistan by the fact that the parent company that made this play, TRT. TRT aired the drama on its YouTube channel inside Turkey five years ago today. The first episode of the drama from within Turkey five years ago has received a total of 12 million views to this day. Have found. The channel that was created inside Pakistan, related to this drama, was created two weeks ago. The first episode aired on YouTube two weeks ago, and within these two weeks, the first episode of the drama has received a total of 17 million views inside Pakistan. So this episode has crossed 20 million viewers. Guess from this, how much Pakistanis like this drama.

Now some people related to this drama are trying to spread such controversy. Which we will talk about in this video. Let’s talk about Halima Sultan, who is a Turkish actress, and she has played a leading role in the drama. As a heroine, Halima Sultan was a shy princess. She was married to Ertugrul Ghazi. Halima Sultan is currently the second most popular character among Pakistani fans after the role of Ertugrul Ghazi.

Actress Priyanka’s support for the war, Ertugrul’s Halima Sultan’s clear answer

The heroine of Turkish drama serial “Ertugrul Ghazi” Halima Sultan i.e., actress Isra Beljik, not only wins the hearts of the fans with her brilliant performance but also the actress is popular because of her opposition to war and support for peace.

Turkish dramas in Pakistan “As fast as Ertugrul Ghazi gained popularity in Pakistan, so fast actress Isra Beljik has also won the hearts of fans. Pakistani fans want to know about Isra, which is why social The actress’s Instagram post has been repeatedly shared in the media over the past year, in which Isra Baljik lashed out at Bollywood actress and UN goodwill ambassador Priyanka Chopra for supporting the war.

Last year, actress Priyanka Chopra praised India’s claim of a fake surgical strike in Pakistan and supported the war, which drew strong reactions on social media. Even Halima Sultan of Ertugrul Ghazi could not remain silent on this statement of Priyanka. Actress Isra wrote on her Instagram post that the purpose of being a patriot is not to promote war, as an ambassador of goodwill, you Should not have been part of this debate.

“As a role model, you affect a lot of children and people, and your attitude was very derogatory towards the woman who only asked you a question about your statement,” Isra Baljik added. You already shared it with millions of people on Twitter.

Last year in Los Angeles, Ayesha Malik, a Pakistani woman, called Priyanka a hypocrite in a tweet in support of her war. The mic was snatched from her hand before Tawan’s speech was over, and Priyanka slandered her. He had said in a derogatory manner that they should stop screaming.

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