Who Is Halima In Ertugrul Drama Serial?

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Ertugrul is a great drama in the history of Turkey, which is currently being watched all over the world. It is built on the history of the Ottoman Empire. Halima Sultan played a very important role in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire. Halima Khatun also has an important role in this.

Who was Halima Khatun?

Halima Sultan was the wife of Ghazi Ertugrul, chief of the Qai tribe of Turk, and the mother of Ghazi Uthman, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. You were a Sanjug princess. Halima Sultan was the daughter of Prince Noman of the Sanjug Empire.

He is mentioned in the history books as Haimana and Halima Khatun. The word Haimana is used for both the mother and wife of Ghazi Ertugrul. Mehmet Bazdagh, the author of Ertugrul Ghazi, is a history student. According to him, the correct name is Halima Sultan. That is why in dramas, Halima is called by the name of Khatun.

Ghazi Ertugrul belonged to the Aghoz tribe. When they got married, this marriage helped the scattered, Turkish tribes to come together. After which he achieved a lot. For this marriage, Halima Sultan sacrificed the title of Princess, and after that remained loyal to Ghazi Ertugrul, and she helped Ghazi Ertugrul and his tribe and all Muslims.

When Ghazi Ertugrul received the chieftainship of the tribe after his father, he received the title of the woman. After which he remained faithful to the end of his life and kept the lodge of this title. After the death of Halima Khatun, he was buried with Ghazi Ertugrul.

It should be noted that the Turkish city of horizons based on the history of Islamic conquests, the drama “Derelish Ertugrul,” which is also called the “Game of Thrones” of Turkey—currently being watched around the world. This play was very important in terms of Islamic conquests in the 13th century.

The story of Derelish Ertugrul’s play predates the rise of the Ottoman Empire in the 13th century, and the main story of the play revolves around a brave Muslim general named Ertugrul, also known as Ertugrul Ghazi. ۔

The play shows how in the 13th century, Turkish general Ertugrul bravely fought the Mongols, the Crusaders, and the oppressors and how he maintained his winning streak. The play depicts the reign, bravery, and love of Ertugrul before the Ottoman Empire.

Who is Ertugrul Ghazi?

It is not a novel, a story or a drama, but a true story of Islamic history, the story of Ertugrul Ghazi, a tribal Turk Ghazi who founded the Ottoman Caliphate, the father of Uthman I, the bravest tribe of the Turk Oghuz and the leader of the Qai branch. He is commonly known by the title of Ghazi.

Establishing A System Of Justice:

Who had formed a group for jihad consisting of honest and brave chiefs from 12 tribes of the Turk Awaz Khan family? Ertugrul Ghazi who was fighting against Vakhshi Mongols in his youth. Halima Sultan, the niece of the Seljuk Sultan Allauddin, had been freed from the clutches of the Crusaders and had entered the regular battlefield.

After this, his father, Sardar Shah Salman, sent him as an envoy to Amir Abdul Aziz of the Ayubi Empire of Aleppo, who had been taken hostage by the Crusaders and demanded land from them to settle the tribe in exchange for stopping the Crusaders.

This series has shown the famous English series, novels, and novelists and the world, that the Turkish nation was brave and great yesterday and even today can become dramas and seasons even without false stories, pornography, and nudity.

If you are misleading the young generation through false stories, pornography, and nudity, then we will instill in their hearts the spirit of jihad and the establishment of the divine system through the true stories of our heroes.

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