The Video Of Actor Sajjal Ali Copying Amir Liaqat, The Host, Caused A Stir On Social Media.

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In the released video, the actress is seen imitating the speaking style of the host Aamir Liaqat. This video of the actress is being liked a lot on social media. The actress recently shared a video of herself singing the title song of the drama “Rangreza” which was well received by the fans.

While a parody of Pakistani actress Sajjal Ali Amir Liaquat, now it remains to be seen what Aamir Liaquat will say about it.

Ikara Sajjal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir became real-life companions

Let me also tell you here that the most popular TV duo Sajjal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir’s drama ‘Journey of Faith’ has now become a journey in real life as well. The couple’s recent wedding took place on Abu Dhabi’s Zia Noorai Island, known for its Destination Wedding.

The marriage ceremony was simple, attended by some of his close relatives and friends. At the wedding, Sajjal Ali wore a traditional red wedding dress while Ahad Raza Mir of White appeared in Sherwani. After the marriage, Sajjal Ali changed his name on his social media account and wrote ‘Sajal Ahad Mir.’

The hashtag ‘Sahid Ki Shaadi’ is also trending on Twitter.

It should be noted that the date of marriage was not announced by both of them.

However, a few days ago, pictures of the couple’s wedding went viral, and fans claimed on social media that the couple’s wedding had started on the evening of March 12. The photos revealed that the mothers of the two had a ceremony on March 12, and the two went viral.

Fans also used the hashtag ‘Sahid’ on the occasion of their mother’s wedding, in which photos of their wedding were shared. Interestingly, despite the wedding photos going viral, the two did not share any photos on their social media accounts, nor did they inform fans about their wedding celebrations. After which it was thought that the two would simply give good news to the fans after getting married.

The couple’s drumming ceremony took place a few months ago in late February. It was also reported that Sajjal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir would get married in March 2020 in Turkey. However, Ahad Raza Mir later denied such reports, saying he would not marry in Turkey. The two were engaged in June last year.

Sajjal Ali showed something different for Ahad:

During the lockdown, actress Sajjal Ali set aside for Ahad Raza Mir to deal with leisure, but Sajjal feels that it is not easy to describe the beauty of Ahad.

The couple, who are facing lockdown on their return home after their marriage in Abu Dhabi, have to stay at home. In such a situation, Sajjal tried his luck and made a sketch of Ahad.

Sharing his effort on Instagram, Sajjal wrote, “Trust me, it is not easy to describe the beauty of this man.”

Sajjal, who also asked his followers for support, asked him, “What do you think?”

On Sajjal’s post, his best friend actress Zara Noor Abbas wrote, “This is someone else.”

Earlier, Sajjal Ali, who was experiencing a new life at home, shared the candies given by his mother-in-law Samra Merki in Insta Stores, and expressed his happiness.

Sajjal and Uhud were married on March 14 on the beautiful island of Zia Noorai in Abu Dhabi, which was attended only by family members and a few close friends of Sajjal from Showbiz.

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