After The Marriage, Shah Rukh Khan Had Said To His Newly wed Wife, Gauri: Wear A Burqa and Pray.

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However, today we will share with you some interesting facts about the life of every beloved Bollywood King Khan. Shah Rukh Khan gave his heart to Gauri at a time when he had not even started his career.

An interesting revelation has been made about Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan, the leading couple in the Indian film industry. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri have been married for 28 years. The two are considered to be the ideal couple in Bollywood, but it is now known that after the marriage, Shah Rukh Khan once asked his wife to pray and wear a burqa.

Shah Rukh Khan’s love for Gauri started at that time. He did not even start his film career. Shah Rukh first saw Gauri in 1984, and at first sight, he fell in love with her. The couple married after a six-year relationship.

In this marriage, their relationship with different religions was a big obstacle. In front of Gauri’s family, Shah Rukh remained a Hindu for five years, but the truth came out. After much difficulty, the family finally agreed to a relationship.

The Bollywood couple had to get married not once, but three times. According to media reports, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri got married first. The couple got married on August 26, 1991. The couple got married on October 25, 1991, according to Hindu rites and customs.

In an interview, Shah Rukh Khan said that when we got married, many of Gauri’s relatives were not happy. There were people with old ideas. I respect them and their thinking.

“As soon as I got there, everyone was talking about whether the boy was a Muslim, whether the girl’s name would change, whether she would become a Muslim,” he said. At that time, Shah Rukh had jokingly said that he had asked Gauri to offer prayers, and Gauri would also have to wear a burqa. He said that as soon as I said that, all the relatives of Gauri became silent.

Shah Khan said that all those people were speaking in Punjabi, and I told Gauri at that time, let’s wear Gauri burqa and start praying. It seemed to everyone that Shah Rukh had converted Gauri’s religion.

Both Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are from Delhi. Shah Rukh Khan’s early education was at St. Columbus School. He studied at Hans Raj College, Delhi University.

On the other hand, Gauri Khan’s father was Colonel Ramesh Chandra Chhabra. Gauri studied at the Modern School in Delhi till Class XII. He then did BA Honors from Lady Shri Ram College. She has also taken a six-month fashion designing course.

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has recently made a statement about his family’s religion during a reality show on TV. There is a lot of discussion on social media about this.

“We have never talked about being a Hindu or a Muslim in our family,” he said on Dance Plus, a dance reality show aired on Star Plus. My wife is Hindu, I am Muslim, and our children are from India.

Shah Rukh Khan attended the show as a special guest. In response to a question during the show, he said, “Many times in the children’s school, the information had to be entered in various forms, what is their religion?” When my daughter was young, she came to me one day and asked me what religion we belonged to. So I wrote that we are Indians. We don’t have a religion, and we shouldn’t have one. ”

Shah Rukh Khan’s statement is also being praised on social media.

Some people say that his statement is a source of pride for the country. While some are criticizing him, he is still silent on the ongoing protests over citizenship law across the country.

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