Benefits of Talbina (barley porridge)

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What is a request? Talbina is a milkshake porridge made of barley and barley flour, which is made by mixing milk, dates, and honey.

Modern medical research has recognized talbina as wonderful food and medicine with wide benefits. Talbina is a complete food, which not only has amazing effects on the whole body and the human nervous and immune system but also strengthens it, and in such a situation, no medicine is working. So it puts the patient back on his feet.

In Europe, Talbina was also tested on patients whose Hb was not increasing with any medication, and the results were surprisingly positive. Let the rulers use it, God willing, it will give a hundred percent result.

Only diabetics should use dates and honey on the advice of their doctor. Those who are prohibited from honey and dates should use only salted porridge, honey, and dates without milk.


  • Barley porridge 50 grams
  • Fresh milk 300 ml
  • Excellent 11 dates
  • Two tablespoons of pure honey
  • Tablespoon of olive oil

All the ingredients of talbina are your example, but the only ingredient I want to talk about here is grain, which is found almost all over the world, and the whole world somehow makes it a part of their diet. But in the Indian subcontinent, people consider it inedible. In the chapters on cereals and lentils, there is hardly any gender, which is for strength and wisdom, just to give an example that I find more iron than milk, more calcium, and more spinach than spinach, and other miscellaneous minerals. The ones that are found in me, the ones that make up the strong organs of the head, the mild cold in the mood, because of which the strong liver and liver not only removes all the weaknesses and diseases but also gives it new life – the strong nerves are grief anxiety And relieves depression.

The most important benefit of barley is the restoration of the metabolic system. Due to our comfortable lifestyle and unbalanced diet, the metabolism system of our youth has become like that of the ’60s and ’70s. Talbina brings all the organs back to their original working capacity by speeding up the metabolism system and restoring its function.

How To Cook

My experience is that when barley porridge is made by machine, some amount of flour is made in it. Don’t separate it from oatmeal, take pure barley oatmeal from big stores in big cities, avoid imported and canned. Rulers, if you make porridge by getting rain from agricultural areas, it is more useful.

Which is a little harder to cook than wheat, so take 100 grams of barley porridge (or a tablespoon of cooking) and soak it in hot water for an hour. When it is soft, put it on the stove. Add two to three cups of water and cook over low heat.

Soak 11 dates in warm water. When the porridge is cooking, remove the kernels and cut the dates into small pieces. When the porridge is semi-cooked, add milk. During cooking, stir the spoon constantly so that the porridge does not stick to the bottom of the pot. The porridge is to be cooked in such a way that the grains of the porridge are well cooked and lost together with the milk, and the cooked porridge is in the form of a thin, thin paste to prevent it from hardening. When fully cooked, add two teaspoons of honey and a teaspoon of olive oil and cook a little. Look sweeter; if it tastes more, then reduce honey and dates. If low, increase next time. Use cold or hot natures as usual.

Usage and benefits

The best time is breakfast. It can also be used as dinner. Patients can eat two or three times a day or whenever they like, and at the end, make an intention to use it as a Sunnah, using or making a request. May Allah give you health, inshaAllah, and the reward of following the Sunnah of your beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and me.

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