What is Multan celebrating?


The red, green and orange shaded window trimmings, the stoneware, the dhols, the moving inhabitants, the adorned steeds, the sustenance backs off – this sight was beginning late found in Pakistan’s fifth most noteworthy city, Multan. The ways of the city were clad in tints and its inhabitants have every one of the reserves of being euphorically celebrating. Clearly the city is praising something titanic!

What are these celebrations in Multan about regardless? We could take care of business of some select pictures and a video of the predictable festivals in the city.

Being extensively known as the City of Saints, Multan has more than 10 sepulchers/tombs of superb favored people. The city is reliably upgraded amidst yearly Urs celebrations and it’s amazingly conceivable that the city was praising a Urs of one of the holy people.

Multani mangoes are viewed as truly uncommon on the planet. To pull in overall purchasers, the city beginning late managed a three-day celebration which combined a mango eating conflict near to sensations and differing exercises. Are these celebratory pictures from the esteemed Mango merriment?

Having spotted Wasim Akram and seeing him value these propelling great circumstances in Multan, it is extraordinarily conceivable that the city perceived a triumph or a remark impact?

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