“I Said ‘No S-E-X’ To My Husband On Period”, He Broke My Collarbone In Return

Here we have shared the real story of a newly wed bride, which will surely bring tears to your eyes. A young girl was brutally tortured by her husband because she ignored having intercourse with him as she was on period. The girl, who got married the same night, politely asked his husband to wait for a few days until her period days are over, but the groom forcefully raped her and maltreated her.

“I only got married yesterday night, it was our first night together and my husband demanded sex. I told him I wasn’t feeling well, as I was on my period. He told me it doesn’t matter and she should go ahead with it. I resisted it… I told him that I couldn’t. He got really angry and started beating me. He then raped me and further beat me with his hands, his legs, even used a belt. I kept crying, screaming, begging him to stop but he didn’t. After that, he pushed my so hard that I hit my neck somewhere and broke my collarbone.”

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