Meaning of Letter ‘H’ in your palm

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Letter H Palmistry

Time and again you must have heard people saying that “the future lies in your hands”. Surprisingly, they weren’t kidding! The palm of your hand most definitely holds the key to all that you want to know about your life. You will be surprised to see what all it can reveal about you!

Letter H Palmistry #2

In simple terms, Palmistry is the ways and means to learn all about person’s personalities, fortune, and future just by looking at their hand. Your hand can be analyzed for every line and curve to reveal the truth about the hidden traits about you.

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Not many people know this but analyzing and studying of the hand is also called Chiromancy. In fact, palmistry not only refers to the reading of one’s hand but it also includes the reading of arm, finger, and fingernail.

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Just by reading one’s palm lines, you can understand a lot about a person. That’s not all, your hand shape and size or as for the matter of fact, finger length and flexibility, can all help predict a person’s true characteristics.

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While many rely on palmistry to tell them about the hidden secrets about the person and that includes information about their health, wealth, and career etc. From telling when you will get married to how many children you will have, palmistry holds the answers to many things.

Letter H Palmistry #6

If you notice closely, you will that your hand is full of lines. And on a closer look, you will realize that most of the lines on your palm are haphazard. Each line and curve have its own meaning.

Letter H Palmistry #7

Now, let us understand what do these lines predict about your future. Do you know about the hidden signs that tell you if you are going to succeed at life or not? In case you have a letter ‘H’ on your palm, this is what it means.

Letter H Palmistry #8

The letter ‘H’ is formed with the help of three lines. They are basically your heart, luck, and head line. If all these lines get connected in a certain fashion they form an ‘H’ on your palm.

Letter H Palmistry #9

The people who have the letter ‘H’ on your palm will find a successful change in fate after the age of 40. As soon as, they cross this age, it will seem like life has taken a massive U-turn for the best.

Letter H Palmistry #10

They will suddenly see a rise in their income and financial well-being. Prior to the age of 40, all their hard work and efforts will not yield the kind of results that they hoped for. In fact, they would forever be struggling to make ends meet.

Letter H Palmistry #11

It will only be after you turn 40, that you will finally start reaping the benefits of your hard work. People who have the letter ‘H’ on their palm are extremely emotional by nature.

Letter H Palmistry #12
People who have the letter ‘H’ on their palm, also go out of their way to help the people around them and more often than not they also get duped by people for their generous nature.

Letter H Palmistry #13

People who have letter ‘H’ on their hands, also face a lot of hardships in all aspects of life while they are growing up. They will face troubles and opposition at every phase of their lives.

Letter H Palmistry #14

People who have letter ‘H’ on their hands, will do just about anything to help their loved ones. That’s not all, even though luck doesn’t favour them in their initial years they never lose hope in any given situation.

Letter H Palmistry #15

These people are blessed with a positive mind and are extremely hardworking by nature. What makes them stand apart from the rest is their intelligent and super sharp mind.

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