Get Straight Hairs By Using This Hair Straightening Gel | DIY Tips

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Do you want to get rid of dry, curly and frizzy hair? Straight and shiny hair look more beautiful and that is why women use a number of methods for hair straightening. In this post, I am going to share with you the recipe to make a hair straightening gel. This gel will not only give a straightening effect but it will also make your hair shiny and long.  It is good for dull and chemically treated hair. If used regularly, you will get straight hair permanently.

Make Homemade Hair Straightening Gel Recipe


  • 1 tbsp Flax seeds
  • 1 tbsp of Rice
  • 250 ml of water
  • 2 tsp of castor oil
  • 2 spoons of coffee powder


  • In 250 ml of water, add 1 tbsp of flax seeds and 1 tbsp of rice and boil.
  • As the mixture gets a gel-like consistency, turn off the stove and strain this mixture.
  • It should not be too thick. If it is thick, add more water and boil.
  • Now add 2 tsp of castor oil in this gel as it has excellent hair straightening It treats frizzy and dull hair and makes hair soft and straight.
  • Now add 2 spoons of coffee powder as coffee gives straightening effect.
  • After this, mix these ingredients and make hair straightening gel.

How to Use:

Comb your hair first from top to hair tips. Apply this hair gel and leave hair straight or tied with a rubber band. Let it work for 1 hour. Wash hair with lukewarm water. Avoid folding hair while washing.

Use a gentle baby shampoo and do not use any harm shampoo. You may use conditioner. Some of you will get results even after first application. For more curly and rough hair, you will get results after 3-4 applications. Use the gel 3-4 times in a week.

Benefits You Will Get

The remedy to get straight hair is natural and it does not have any damaging effects on your hair. Just leave the use of hair straightening products as the heating effects of these machines leaves your hair dull and damaged. Excessive use of such tools and products causes split hair ends and takes off hair shine. To get straight hair in a natural and a safe way, make this hair straightening gel at home right now and get beautiful and shiny hair.


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