Skin Whitening Formula – Get Fair Skin Instantly

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Skin Whitening Miracle Formula – Get Instant Fairness Skin Naturally Glowing Skin 100% Works Hello readers! I think most of the people are tired of using chemicals bleaches and spoiled their skin finally. Chemical bleach simply bleaches your skin, makes it too sensitive and thus causes bad skin even if you go out in sun for an hour. The bleaching effect also disappears within few days and gives you a dark and rough skin! What can we do at home to lighten our skin and vanish black dark spots? Which is the natural product works best for bleaching our skin safely? Yes! Potato is an excellent bleach which can improve your complexion faster than any other chemical products. It’s a natural skin lightener which we can use at home.
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To prepare this bleach you will need

  • Grin Sugar
  • Rose water
  • Lemon


  • Peel of potato and cut in small pieces
  • Add some rose water (Around 2 spoon) and grind it
  • Add juice of half lemon
  • Add 1 spoon honey
  • Mix them well and your bleach is ready
  • Apply this paste on clean face and leave for 20 minutes
  • Wash it off with plain water

I am going to give you all an excellent bleach recipe for all skin types! Enjoy! Go to your kitchen and collect potatoes. We all know that potato had mild bleaching properties and today I will tell you how can you use this common kitchen ingredient to get results much faster.Do this treatment and in just 20 minutes this bleach will not only improve your skin complexion and all dark spots/blemishes will disappear from your face.


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