Twitter users bid farewell to the legendary Burt Shavitz

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Burt Shavitz, the reclusive beekeeper who co-founded Burt Bee’s, and whose face and wild beard appeared on labels for the natural cosmetics, died on Sunday at the age of 80. He launched his brand in Maine 31 years ago and marketed personal care products mainly lip balms and hands salve. Shavitz’s attire and persona were of great importance to the brand’s logo and were an emblem of its place in the American business industry.

For years he served as the ultimate face of the brand which gained much hype among st the pop culture and presumed hipsters.

It would not be wrong to name it as a pioneering artisan marketing player catering to a wide variety of customers opting for natural products. When the news of his sudden death was aired on the media, a long trail of farewell messages flooded twitter.

It was quite overwhelming to see such a response from the hundreds of loyal fans of the brand and its founder. The condolences that followed were a mix of both funny, witty and heart rending.

Where many were mourning the loss of his charming personality and the gap that he left in the world, there were others who were rather corny about the whole the matter, churning out amusing and pun filled tweets all through out the day.

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